Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oh, what do you do in the summertime??

So here we have the age old question........
Oh what do you do in the Summertime???  

Well really the possibilities are endless, it just takes a little time and planning. 

I want to share my ideas with you, in hopes to keep you from getting overwhelmed from chaotic kids.

Routine, Routine, Routine. Although I love that we can relax a bit from our school years agenda, we can't forget that an happy home is an organized home with routine.  Kids needs it and moms do too.

I will go through an outline of what our day will look like. Of course everyones will be different depending on the age of kids in the home and activities they might be involved with. Here we go.

Wake up. Well my kids are up WAY to early for my liking but what can I do?? Not much.

We have a list of items we need to get done, eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, make bed etc. Once our morning jobs are done we are out the door to swim team. I make the kids get all the stuff then need ready. Water bottles, towels, shoes and anything else they need.

Once we get back from swim team, the things we do will vary all summer. We have a singing camp, playdates with friends, go to an indoor activity etc. 

We try to be home by lunchtime. Eat lunch and then my littlest one takes a nap. So we are homebound everyday from 1:00-3:30.

This is when the activities and fun begin. I let my kids have 30 mins of "screen time" after lunch. This gives them a break and I can catch my breath as well :)

Then once that is over we start the activity I planned for the day. Every week I have a "theme". I will lay that out for you soon. You can plug in what ever you would like for the theme. I always ask my kids "what are some things you want to learn about." Then you can go from there.

Here is our "daily activity" schedule.

Now the "theme" may not always go along with this Family History BUT I can usually tie it in with the other activities.

When my baby wakes up we usually go swimming again somewhere until dinnertime. Seriously.....Swimming is all you can do in Arizona.

So I gave you the overview and will now start working on my weekly lesson plans. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monday, December 24, 2012

Greatest Gift #12 - Merry Christmas

Scripture: D&C 46:10

D&C  46:10 And again, verily I say unto you, I would that ye should always remember, and always retain in your  minds what those  gifts are

We should make the Savior’s birth, his life and example, his ministry and teachings, his crucifixion, his resurrection, his Second Coming part of our lives – not just at Christmas or Easter, but 
every day.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Favorite Christmas Song

This is probably my favorite song. It brings me to tears 
of joy every time I hear it.
(Click below to hear the song, it is beautiful)

Unto us on this holy night
Unto us beneath a new star's light
Unto us where the lambs have fed
Gently laid in a manger bed
Unto us a child is born
Unto us a son is given

And his name shall be called Wonderful
For the world will be healed by his power
He will be our unfailing Counselor
In each uncertain hour
The Mighty God of heaven above
So meekly comes to earth
The Everlasting Father
This child of lowly birth
Tell his name, sing his praise in all the world
Till all the world believes
Till every voice is lifted up
To praise the Prince of Peace

Unto us 'mid the angel song
Unto us, the gift awaited long
Unto us wrapped in swaddling bands
Hushed to sleep at the Virgin's hands
Unto us a child is born
Unto us a son is given

(Repeat chorus)

Greatest Gift # 11

11.  For God So Loved the World
Scripture: John 3:16-17

Picture: Christ the newborn babe

Song:  He Sent His Son (CPS)

Greatest Gift #10

10.  The Star Leads to Bethlehem
Scripture: Matthew 2: 7-12 
Song: Beautiful Star of Bethlehem

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Greatest Gift #9

9.  The Quest of the Wise Men
Scripture: Matthew 2:1-6
Song: We Three Kings
Picture: The 3 Wise Men