Sunday, January 29, 2012

Popsicle Color Words

This is a quick and cheap activity to help teach color words. All  you need is:
*the basic colors of felt
*10 large popsicle sticks
*sharpie marker and colored markers

Cut 2 popsicle looking shape out of each color and you can sew around the sides or just use tacky glue like I did. Don't get me wrong....I LOVE to sew but I can't watch my shows while sewing ;)

Then write each color word on each popsicle stick and on the back of the stick,color a little circle of the color to help them if they can't figure out a color word.

Pretty cute hu? Not I'm craving a real popsicle.

Sight Word Rub

This is such a fun way to familiarize your child with sight words or any words they are trying to learn for that matter. All  you need is:
*several 4x6 pieces of CARDSTOCK paper
*list of words

Then very carefully write out each word with the glue and let it dry over night.

Once it is dry, have your child place it under some paper, take a crayon and rub away....revealing the sight word. Then of course have your child read it. My son had a great time with this and after he rubbed several words onto his large paper, we went through and read them several times.